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A Catalyst for Green Energy & Sustainable Gains

Nova Spectra Energy (NSE) is a Green Energy Solutions industry leader with Solar PV investor status.

It aims to be the best energy service company (ESCO) in the energy industry and has adopted a holistic approach to achieve this. NSE guides organisations in developing an Energy Policy that leads to sustainable business practices that not only lowers financial cost but reduces environmental impact.

Adopting a two-pronged approach, NSE focuses on maximizing energy generation and optimizing energy consumption. It offers Renewable Energy Solar Photo Voltaic systems that are durable and technologically superior for quality energy generation while providing Energy Information Systems with monitoring and efficiency capabilities to optimize energy consumption at a lower cost.

Currently, the company is making steady in-roads in the ASEAN region by leveraging business collaborations in Indonesia (forged since 2013) as well as exploring diversification models in Singapore. NSE recognises that the future is clean energy and it is creating footpaths and opportunities in the region to provide ESCO services and Solar PV systems. Working with local partners, NSE currently has several projects underway in the region across different industries, institutions and government agencies.

NSE empowers clients to benefit from sustainable gains in profitability as well as satisfaction in knowing that they are reducing their carbon footprint on the planet. Its strength lies with the operating companies under the NSE group that have been carefully selected for their niche specializations as well as being awarded international and local credentials.  

Within the NSE group there is an ESCO-certified company that offer turnkey solutions that you can rely on. From application, system design, engineering, installation to testing, commissioning with TNB, maintenance services as well as conducting energy efficiency audits, NSE is the launching pad to cleaner energy and greener profits. 

Spectra Energy & Marine Sdn. Bhd.

Our on-ground team from Spectra Energy & Marine is ready to demonstrate how you can harness and manage solar energy to meet your consumption needs through Solar PV.

Photovoltaics (PV) is one of the fastest growing renewable energy technologies that is poised to play a major role in the future of the global electricity generation mix. We offer practical and innovative solutions that help you reduce the cost of your energy consumption.

 Home Monitoring
 Solar PV installations
 Achieving Energy Efficiency
 Out of Home Monitoring

How to reduce energy usage and save money ?

Meet our management

Nik Ahmad Huznee Nik Hussain

Executive Chairman

Founder, Nik Ahmad Huznee bin Nik Hussain has a stellar reputation in the engineering fraternity of Malaysia, having served for several years as a management consultant for MMC Engineering S/B, one of Malaysia’s largest engineering companies.

A man of vision and innovative spirit, Nik Ahmad Huznee has led Nova Spectra Sdn Bhd to the pinnacle of success by establishing itself as the first and largest “Outdoor High Definition Digital Display” company in Malaysia and ASEAN.

Respected for his financial astuteness, Nik Ahmad Huznee was appointed as the Trust Administrator / Fund Manager for an Investment Bank in Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur.

He currently serves as the Group Executive Chairman & Group Chief Executive Officer for Nova Spectra Group. He is also the Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer for Spectra Energy & Marine Sdn. Bhd, a trailblazer in the Renewable Energy market.

Nik Mohd Umar Nik Ahmad Huznee

Executive Director

A mechanical engineer by training, Nik Mohd Umar is a fierce advocate of renewable energy as the spark of a symbiotic chain towards a cleaner environment, more economic growth and a healthier population.

Driven by this ethos, Nik Mohd Umar is committed to bring the benefits of renewable energy solutions to the masses. He currently serves as the Executive Director at Spectra Energy & Marine Sdn Bhd (SEM) and Executive Director of Spectra LED Sdn Bhd and Nova Spectra Technics Sdn Bhd.

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